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diy burlap placemats

diy burlap placemats

as I was planning for easter dinner, I searched all over for Pinterest for cute ideas and loved these round burlap placemats I kept seeing. I then looked at target, Walmart, world market, pier1, almost everywhere to find them for a decent price. but, to fit my group of 15, I needed to spend almost $200 to have enough!!! this disappointed me and after hours of searching and deciding if the were worth it, I thought to myself... hey! I can make these! I found 98 feet of jute/burlap at hobby lobby, gathered some helping hands and got to work! WHAT YOU NEED:

-about 19 feet of jute per placemat

-hot glue (I recommend using the glue pictured. it is more clear than others I used and you couldn't see it as much)

-glue gun

-an extra set of hands because it is almost impossible to do alone

-some free time and a good tv program (these do take about 20 min each)


first, cut the jute to 19 feet or however long desired. then hot glue the tips of the rope to avoid it unwinding.


next, hot glue along the inside of the rope and pull the tip in, pressing it into the glue and starting the circle shape.


then glue a little more and pull in, continuing the circular shape. this part is important to create your shape and make the foundation.


continue to glue little portions at a time. I recommend one person glueing and one person wrapping the rope around and holding it.


put a little more glue on the end tip and press it against the mat to secure its place. let them cool and harden for a few min and its done!


get ready to host some parties!!


in the end, I spent a total of about $30 on 15 placemats. in my book that's a win. I love when you can make something for much cheaper than you can buy. and although they took a while, they are super cute and I will use them a ton, and maybe even sell some!

big bear trip

big bear trip

easter treats

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