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easter treats

easter treats

decorating and getting ready for easter is so exciting. bright colors, blooming flowers, and the slightest hint of summer in the air bring happiness and joy to me. this year I got the task of decorating the table for my family's easter get-together this year, so I searched Pinterest and honestly didn't find to many cute ideas. but, I just started pulling out some old holiday ideas and remember my halloween gummy skewers that everyone loved and decided to put a twist on them for easter. I got as many different peeps as I could from Target and got started.

they were seriously so easy and fast to make. and even if you're not a huge peep eater, let  them harden and use them as center pieces! hope you guys like this little easter treat diy, and tag me on Instagram if you try them out!






-Reese's peanut butter eggs (for decoration)

-a cute pot/vase of your choice

-floral foam

-plastic treat bags (optional)

first, take out the peeps you wish to use. I made five so I only needed four of each color.


pull your first peep through the skewer about a little more than half way


next, pull your second color peep through so it touches the other peep.


then pull the third peep through so it pops out the top and you don't see the skewer.


repeat the last steps to make as many skewers as needed.


next put your floral foam in your pot/vase and place the excelsior on top to hide it.  then put the skewers with the peeps in the floral foam to make them stand up. I made my excelsior into a little nest by putting the Reese's peanut butter eggs in between the skewers


again, theses peep skewers make perfect treats at the dinner table on Easter, or perfect center pieces/decorations. I love the bright colors they add to any table.


they can also make the perfect gift-bags or give-aways for baby showers, easter parties, or spring birthdays! just add some plastic bags and twine and you've got the perfect gift!

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