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top 10 beauty products

top 10 beauty products

I absolutely love viewing the products other bloggers and Youtubers use in their daily routines. for me, it is so interesting to see what different people love and swear by. as women, I feel that beauty products and skin care is something in common we all share, and I find it so entertaining to talk about. so, I thought I would share my top 10 skin care and beauty product favorites that I would not be able to live without. hope you enjoy! let me know if any of you guys use these or try them by sharing pictures to me on Instagram (@kyliemariet)! I would love to see what you love about these products or if you have any recommendations of things you love that I should try!

first, one of my favorite body sprays is Zoella's Blissful Mistful fragranced body mist. I love the smell so much and it reminds me of vacation and being in the sun. its a light, airy mist that you can smell throughout the day but definitely is not heavy or too overpowering. and a plus is that it is made by Zoe Sugg who inspired me to start writing a blog!


next, my all time favorite lotion/skin cream is the POND'S dry skin cream. it's a facial moisturizer that I use after I wash my face in the mornings and at night. my skin is naturally more oily, so I don't like heavier lotions and this one is so light and moisturizing. it makes your skin so soft without the thick feeling of lotion that I hate. I personally use it on my whole body even though it says facial and the smell of it is a typical plain, not-too-strong lotion scent, not to fruity or scented so its perfect. it is found in most drug stores and grocery stores but I get mine at Target.


for face wash, I use the Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash. It has exfoliating beads in the wash, smells like grapefruit and the best part is its pink! again, I do have more oily skin, so this acne wash takes all the dirt and oil from my day off and makes my face feel super fresh and new. It can also be found at most drug stores.


for quick and easy makeup removal, I use Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes. they are perfect for traveling, the beach, the pool, or just a lazy night before bed. they take off every little bit of my makeup and clean my face so well. these are always fully stocked in my cabinet, and I can barely go anywhere without them. they have a super clean/fresh scent and don't irritate my skin at all and are available at most stores.


another facial product I absolutely love are the Que Bella face masks. The peel off ones are so satisfying and make my skin feel so clean. they have a variety of different scents and kinds but my favorites are the peel-off masks. I am not sure where there are other places to buy them but I get mine at Target.


I am not a huge makeup person and I don't know a ton about it but I really love this simple, pretty eyeshadow pallet by NYX. the colors are perfect for every day and you can dress it up for more formal events. the gold and pink colors are simple and elegant and not too showy which is perfect for me. It is also available at most drug stores.


ok, so I kind of have an obsession with chapsticks. once I find a brand I love, I make it a mission of mine to own every single flavor, color, you name it. and Burt's Bees is definitely one of those brands. I own about every type of chapstick they make and a few other little things and I love them. this Coconut and Pear one is always in my reach for my dry lips. they're clear, moisturizing lip balms that feel so refreshing and smooth. and they also can be purchased almost anywhere.

for mascara, I have tried a few different brands, but my favorite daily go-to is the Covergirl Clump Crusher mascara in black. On any regular day, I always reach for this mascara. it separates my lashes so well and has the perfect color and consistency for both my upper and lower lashes. you can also buy this at most drug stores and supermarkets.


for eyeliner, I don't think I have ever used one other than the Covergirl perfect point plus liner in the number 200 (black). I do struggle with doing liquid eyeliner quickly, so this eyeliner pen is so useful on my quick getting ready morning (which are most mornings if I'm honest). it has the perfect color, thickness, consistency, and it lasts me all day without hesitation. i have found it in a ton of stores and don't usually have a problem finding it.


lastly, the Snow Fairy body conditioner by LUSH is something I use after a totally stressful, jam-packed day. it smells just like cotton candy and is the softest body conditioner ever. this isn't something I use every-day and sadly it is a seasonal item, but it is one of my all-time favorite things from LUSH and it brings a smile to my face every time I use it. my skin feels so soft and creamy after like I'm floating on a cloud.

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