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diy laptop case

diy laptop case

recently I have been searching everywhere to find a laptop case to fit my style.. and sadly I have had no luck. they're either a solid color, way too expensive, or too plain. so I ordered some fabric from Rifle Paper Co. and dusted off the sewing machine to make my own. It turned out being easier than I thought, and although it wasn't perfect, I'd say it was impressive for my first time. It is perfect for a Saturday afternoon with nothing to do:) WHAT YOU NEED: -.5 yard of out fabric

-.5 yard of inner padding

-.5 yard of inner fabric

-scissors, tape measure, pins

-sewing machine

-a 15" or bigger zipper (mine was 24")


first, measure around your laptop's length and width and divide both by 2. this gives you the dimensions to cut your fabric.

my laptop was 32" lengthwise and 18" wide so I cut my fabric to be 15.5 by 11.5.


then I created a stop in my zipper at 15" to give it a bit of room, and cut the rest off.


next I laid down the inner padding, the inner fabric, the zipper face up, and the outer fabric face down. I pinned all four layers together and sewed along the edge.


after sewing, bring the outer fabric around so it is now face up.


then lay down the other piece of inner fabric, inner padding, zipper piece face up (the piece you just sewed together), and the other piece of outer fabric face down. pin the four layers together and sew along the edge as you did with the other side.


separate the two sides of the case, and unzip the zipper. iron so the fabric is flat. then fold one side of the case over so three layer are facedown on the other three layers. pin all three edges together (I also pinned the zipper together to make it easier) and sew as close to the edge as possible.


when sewn together it should look like this. I would recommend sewing around the edges twice to have it 100% secure. cut off any excess fabric around the edges.


make any needed adjustments to the zipper and sizing. then flip the case through the open zipper and its done!!



also, if you are too lazy to make your own case, check out my etsy shop here to buy one! or email me for a custom case!

a berry good day

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the getty

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