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Top 5 Coffee Shops in San Diego

Top 5 Coffee Shops in San Diego

Coffee has become a very frequently talked about subject on my blog, I have noticed, so I decided to help you guys out. I talk about so many different locations and places I go, and I am sure it can be quite confusing as to which are my favorites. So, here is a compiled list of my five all-time favorite coffee places to visit. Hope you enjoy.

Succulent Cafe

Although I have not visited this place in months, it still remains at the top of my very long coffee shop list. Located in Oceanside it is right on the beach, and has the most casual feel to it. Succulents come close to my coffee obsession, so you can imagine that the two combined would be a winner in my book. The place is all outside and surrounded by the most adorable plants that are also up for sale, and I almost never come home without one. Bathrooms are available and it is very kid friendly since it is all outdoors. The coffee is delicious, not overpriced, and it is a great place to bring friends, journal, or study.

Revolution Roasters

This location has become an almost every weekend stop for me. Also in Oceanside, it is right by the beach and on the 101. The service is great, coffee is even greater, and it is next to two amazing shops that I can't help but go into every time I stop for a coffee. They do have a nice bathroom inside, but the shop is a smaller space to bring friends. All in all, it is a great location to bring a couple friends or just have some down time to yourself.

Pannikin Coffee & Tea

Now this coffee shop has been around for ages. It is the cutest yellow house transformed into a coffee shop right by the beach in Encinitas. This place has tons of seating, including some outside, perfect for pets. The place is completely kid friendly and has bathrooms. The prices aren't too crazy and the breakfast sandwiches and pastries are to die for. My favorite thing to do here is bring a close friend and either walk down to the beach afterwards or stop by the Farmer's market on Saturdays.

Better Buzz

This coffee shop is newer to the San Diego area but has become a huge favorite of most everyone here. The bigger location in Encinitas is always packed in the mornings and I can understand why. Their coffee is so so good and the place is just the cutest. It doesn't have a ton of seating for big groups, but for a few friends it is perfect. Pricing is decent, and they do have bathrooms. Another location in San Marcos, however, is more convenient being a drive through. There are a few outside tables, but for the most part is just a drive through. It is my favorite place to stop for on-the-go coffee.

Coffee Coffee

Coffee Coffee is located in Leucadia, also by the beach. This place has my favorite outside patio with bright orange umbrellas and black tables, being perfect for a hot summer day. I enjoy bringing my family here when they are in town and walking less than a mile right to the beach afterwards. The coffee is delicious and comes in the cutest mugs. Pricing is decent but the location could not be better.

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