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Valentine's Day // Part 2

Valentine's Day // Part 2

Happy Valentine's Day friends! So this is part two of how to have a good Valentine's Day and I could not think of anything better than a heart-shaped breakfast, pink tulips, and some red heart balloons to make this day festive and enjoyable for everyone. Breakfast is without a doubt my favorite meal of the day and I loved making memories with my sisters as we created these fun pancakes. Whether you have someone special in your life or you are just chilling with your family this Valentine's Day, making a meal or dessert together is something super simple and fun to do. Even if it turns out horrible and the smoke alarm goes off, it's the memories you make with the people you love most that make this holiday so special. 

Heart-Shaped Pancakes

So me and my two younger sisters made these heart-shaped pancakes and they were super easy. We got a medium sized heart cookie cutter at the grocery store, placed it on our pancake pan (making sure to spray it with a non-stick spray), and poured the batter in. We lifted the cutter off of the pan, flipped the pancaked, and laughed in between flips. It was way easier than we expected and it made breakfast super fun to eat.

 Heart Balloons

I decided our breakfast needed a bit more decoration to go along with our heart-themed morning, so I picked up these balloons at our local party supply store and they made for the perfect additions to our living room and breakfast table.

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