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Sick, Rainy Day at Home

Sick, Rainy Day at Home

Sick days can be a blessing and a curse. They give you time to recover and relax but also can make you extremely behind on everyday life and chores and things. Don't get me wrong fall is without a doubt one of my favorite times of the year, but the sickness it brings along with it can be dreadful. The weather apparently wanted to join in on my party because it also was very rainy, cloudy, and dreary the past few days which in all honestly I am totally okay with. Rainy days already make me want to curl up in blankets and do nothing so I guess I just got lucky. If you experience an awful fall cold like I did or are just having a rainy day inside here are my top ten things to do:

1) Watch as many shows and movies on Netflix as you can (never too early to watch a Christmas movie am I right)

2) Make a cup of tea or hot chocolate.

3) Curl up in the softest blankets you have in your house and wear cozy socks.

4) Make a bubble bath and relax.

5) Light a candle (or a few if you're anything like me)

6) Read an old book that has been on your shelf for years.

7) Cuddle with your pet.

8) Turn on your fire, sit, and enjoy.

9) Go on Pinterest (if you don't have a Pinterest or don't think you're interested in it just try it out. I promise you'll thank me later) 

10) Just sleep.


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